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AbOut me

As a young and ambitious photographer with german and latinamerican roots I combine two unique worlds. Hardworking and passionate.

Nowadays we often do not live in the moment and fade out a lot around us. But even in bad times there is always something positive to find.
We must not destroy the beauty around and within us, but rather strengthen it. My goal is to inspire others and to make people aware of how much beauty life offers us.

To work permanently on oneself, to expand one's strengths, to build up a healthy self-confidence, to strive for goals and to be thankful for what you have is something that martial arts has often taught me. Taekwondo, which I‘m practicing now since 17 years, is not only a sport but rather a way of life.
Additionally, I‘ve been traveling a lot of countries and foreign cultures which is, in my belief, one of the most enriching things that exist.

I want to learn something new each and every day.

pic by Andrea Mühleck




I have been practicing traditional Taekwondo for 17 years and am holder of II.DAN black belt. I am fascinated by aesthetic body movements, including martial arts, yoga, dance, ... Photographing these is a hobby for me, which I have made my profession.



Mama at the ticket office, Papa a pilot. I was born, so to speak, to see much of the world and that still influences me today. Travelling was the beginning of my photos and today I can't pack a suitcase without packing a camera bag.



Thanks to my many years of experience in photography and my design studies, I have already gained a lot of practical experience. Starting with private shootings over shootings with a professional team up to client presentations in front of 200 people. At a workshop with me you will learn more about conceptual thinking, my workflow and tips & tricks.




In February 2018 I successfully completed my studies in Visual & Corporate Communications B.A. at the AMD (Akademie Mode & Design) in Munich. During my studies I gained theoretical and practical experience in marketing, brand management and strategy, typography, corporate design, motion design, project management, etc. I have learned to work on my own as well as in a team and to regularly present projects to real clients. Today I can optimally use my knowledge about brand creation for my work.


In the context of my permanent development and increasing number of jobs, I decided in mid 2017 to become self-employed while studying. I have always been able to realise assignments for private clients and sports facilities, but also for companies (e.g. Lululemon, Airbnb, Sport1,...) and influencers.


After my studies I decided to focus completely on my passion for photography. Now that I have been following this activity for many years, the positive feedback and the demands are increasing, I would like to share my experiences and learnings. In 2018 I started as a workshop leader and lecturer in this field.

Martial ARts & ME


the fighting spirit

Since I am six years old I practice traditional Taekwondo, a Korean martial art, according to the style of Kwon, Jae-Hwa. For me this is not only a hobby, but also a way of life that has taught me many values and principles. respect, helpfulness, kindness, but also fighting spirit, self-confidence and reflection still influence me and my doing today.

Today I am holder of II. Dan black belt and in my sports career I have trained numerous children, teenagers and adults and supported them on their way to bring body and mind into harmony.

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