Turtea is a lifestyle tea brand that sells high quality tea & accessories online and in a tea house, taking a 360° approach.

As a transparent brand, it is known for its finest organic and FairTrade quality, provides insight into origin, farming, processing, ingredients, preparation and serving. It appeals to sophisticated tea drinkers who want to experience, appreciate and learn true enjoyment in the most authentic way.

Nowadays we are more stressed than ever. If you enjoy a cup of tea, you forget the world and the stress around you. It clearly stands for a deceleration in our lives. This is supported by the metaphor of the turtle, which serves as a symbol for longevity, tradition, travel, wisdom, peace, balance, peace, transformation and gratitude.

Turtea's guiding principle is to slow down people from their rapid and stressful daily lives and to help them rediscover enjoyment.